Sunday, 7 October 2012

SWA Ultimate is Legitimate not a SCAM

In any networking business the most common questions among prospective members is the reliability of the products and the company behind the network. Is the Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA) Ultimate a scam or not. We will discuss the different proofs that the company, Supreme Wealth Alliance is a legitimate business entity and most of all a paying company.
The Supreme Wealth Alliance have already released the official documents needed in conducting an online business not only in the Philippines but worldwide.
There are rumors already that the Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines is a scam because of the previous background of the company handled by Chavesnet Enterprises. Although the previous company have their failures but those alleged accusations were not proven by law.
Although the company before have some failures on the 2009 version or the old version of SWA but there’s no proven evidence about the rumored scam. All members have received well their compensation.
Meanwhile the latest version of the Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate program of Francis Chaves which offers an online library containing at least 300 ebooks.
Those people who have joined the program since it’s pre-launched last February 2012 and the grand launched on August 8, the company have never received any complaint regarding the program.
As an ordinary internet user, I have been searching an online library which will bring me the knowledge needed in my continuous education and the SWA Ultimate Library have provided with the much-needed information.
Another proof that the program worked as advertise was the number of people who were making testimonies regarding their success with the SWA Program.

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